The European Kinaesthetics Network

Kinaesthetics is a pan-European organised network. The constant growing demand of health care courses during the last 30 years and the growing concern of other scopes in 2006 / 2007 was leading to an organised reorganisation which is coming up to current and future needs. In doing so the centrally controlled Organisation was changed into a local network.

The following description evidence the current Kinaesthetics Organisation:

- The European Kinaesthetics Network -

Who has which duties in the Kinaesthetics Network?

The Kinaesthetics trainer
Kinaesthetics trainers are working inside of companies as qualified personnel or course instructor or freelance mentor. By order of the course organiser or the employer they accomplish Kinaesthetics basic courses or education-projects. According to there education-level they are qualified to arrange elementary courses, advanced courses or peer tutoring-courses in the mode of “Learning-phases”.
The Kinasthetics trainer accomplishes there courses closely cooperating to there Kinasthetics Country-Organisation. They are committed to attend a special trainer-course at least every two years to guarantee to integrate the current curriculum development in there courses. Furthermore the network benefits by the experience and cognitions of the trainer through these special trainer-courses and affects the curriculum development.

The Kinaesthetics Country-Organisations
Every country Kinaesthtics is busy in major work decreed a Kinaesthetics Country-Organisation composed of Kinaesthetics trainer. These Country-Organisations are economically self-contained and independent entities. (Stock Corporation, Charitable Association).

The Country-Organisations adduce the following services for the Kinaesthetics trainer, hosts and course-attendees:

  • Shipping of courseware to the hosts of Kinaesthetics basic-courses.
  • Registration of course-attendees
  • Printing and shipping of certificates of course-attendees
  • Scientific and administrative assistance of trainer and hosts
  • Market development and appreciation
  • Design and accomplishment of apprenticeship, retraining and further education of trainer
  • Development of quality
  • Active collaboration on the level of the European Kinaesthetics Association ( Development of curriculum / Internet platforms)

The European Kinaesthetics Association (EKA)
The EKA is the umbrella organisation of all European Country-Organisations. The EKA is lawful a registered association in Austria where all Country-Organisations are member of. The EKA administration and coordination is guaranteed by a cooperation group. The cooperation group consists of the EKA directorate (Chief executive officer of the Country-Organisations) and per any strategic representative of each Country-Organisation.

The countries coordinate the duties and responsibilities on the level of the EKA which are be solved corporate appropriately:

  • Development of  the curriculum
  • Effectiveness research
  • Refurbishment and advancement of scientific Kinaesthetics basics
  • Definition of minimum standards for Kinaesthetics education in Europe
  • Fortification of Kinaesthetics by a pan-European Corporate Identity and the lawfully protection of the brand
  • Communication and administrative workflows: internet platform maintenance and development of the trainer and Country-Organisations
  • Coordination of development process in education and administration
  • Production of courseware
  • Formulation of guidelines, contracts and agreements applying for all members

The adaptation of corporate duties is done by 4 resource-pools.

  • Resource-pool development of curriculum and effectiveness research
  • Resource-pool administration und platforms
  • Resource-pool brands and rights
  • Resource-pool publishing